Kanopy Comedies

  • Posted on: 10 November 2021
  • By: Robert Freese

Kanopy Comedies

After casing Kanopy for the best comedy films I could find, I came up with this offering of ten newer titles that may be worth your time. I tried to cover as many comedy bases as possible.


Anna & the Apocalypse (2018)

The quaint burg of Little Haven experiences a zombie apocalypse at Christmas and resourceful young Anna and her friends must battle the undead hordes to stay alive. The flick mixes comedy, horror and Christmas, always a fun video-cocktail.




Assassination Nation (2018)

Lilly and her friends live in a world that orbits their cell phones, so when a major data hack breeches the sanctity of their town and results in a number of tragedies, their world is turned upside down. This action/comedy satires how important we consider our tech and devices.




Golden Arm (2020)

Small town girl Melanie is thrust into the anything goes world of Women’s Arm Wrestling and soon finds herself competing for a big money prize with former champion Big Sexy. For far too long, Sylvester Stallone’s Over the Top (1987) has been the first and last word in cinematic arm wrestling movies. Even if you don’t enjoy Golden Arm, it will still be the second greatest arm wrestling movie ever made, and that’s saying something.



Hearts Beat Louder (2018)

While closing down his beloved record shop, Frank Fisher uses music to stay connected to his daughter Sam when she goes off to college. Life takes a bizarre twist when one of their songs becomes an internet hit. It features Nick Offerman, Blythe Danner and Kiersey Clemons.




I Blame Society (2021)

Gillian Wallace Horvat is both the director and co-writer of this film, as well as the main character, Gillian, a film director who must prove herself to her crew to get her first film finished while finding a unique way to get away with murder. A slasher-type meta-comedy that offers more than a few dark chuckles for those with a twisted sense of humor.




I Used to Go Here (2020)

Kate should be on top of the world after the release of her first novel, but nothing is going well in her life. Everyone she knows seems to be moving forward while she remains stuck. When she travels for a speaking engagement, she becomes involved in the lives of young college graduates.  




Keep an Eye Out (2018)

After finding a corpse outside his apartment building, Louis calls the cops and is immediately taken into custody for questioning. Captain Buron then begins a long, surreal, comically-nightmarish interrogation that threatens Louis’s sanity. From France.




Parasite (2019)

Described as a “dark fairytale,” a working class family infiltrates a wealthy family’s home, first replacing their support staff and then taking over the home. It is a dark film with some genuinely tense moments…but with laughs throughout.  




Shiva Baby (2020)

At a funeral with her parents, Danielle is put into the awkward situation of running into her “sugar daddy” and his family. The situation goes from bad to worse when she begins a string of lies and has to keep them straight. If you enjoy cringe-inducing, uncomfortable humor, Shiva Baby may be worth a watch.  




Thunder Road (2018)

Jim Cummings is a cop on the verge of a breakdown after divorce and the death of his mother. I know this doesn’t sound like buckets of laughs, but Cummings played the exact same character in his very funny werewolf movie The Wolf of Snow Hollow, so I know he is a master at this kind of manic, hyperactive schizophrenic comedy.