Make the Most of Halloween During the Pandemic

  • Posted on: 29 September 2020
  • By: Lauren Lucas


2020 has been scary enough all on it’s own, but seriously, what are we doing for Halloween? With trick-or-treating probably not happening this year, at least the way we are used to. Here are a few ideas for celebrating while keeping true to the holiday’s spirit.

Bring On The Treats!

Just because the annual Halloween party is canceled and the kids won’t be running around filling up on candy does not mean there should be a lack of treats that evening. Have you thought of doing a scavenger hunt for different Halloween decorations leading up to the holiday? Taking walks around the neighborhood or town leading up to Halloween could also really get the kids in the spirit! You could plan to have your own candy hunt in your back yard using dollar store glow sticks on the candy and the kids equipped with flashlights to help them locate their bounty. Check out Hoopla for some Halloween songs and spooky sounds to liven up your evening.


To wrap up the evening with the kids, some backyard camping and an outdoor scary movie would be fun. See our helpful list of horror films you can check out for free here.

If that is not your speed, try our selections of spooky books. From real life experiences to myths, legends and superstitions, we have so many books you could read to your little monsters or enjoy alone with a literary inspired beverage from Tequila Mockingbird.



Maybe pair up the book’s Bloody Carrie with Stephen King’s 1974 classic that inspired it. There are so many ways to put the Treat in Trick or Treat this year!






A Little More Trick Than Treat

You probably won’t be wasting your toilet paper this year in someone else’s trees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the trick part of trick or treat. Like ghost stories? Find a spooky real life encounter in one of our many books. For a bonus scare, take a road trip to some of the locations mentioned.