Family Board Games

  • Posted on: 4 June 2020
  • By: Ms. Eileen

I’m Bored!  Family Board games for School Age and Up

Board Games

Apples to Apples Junior – Hilarity ensues when you match adjectives with kid friendly objects.  A fun way to learn parts of speech.  Ages 9 and up

Blokus – This easy -to-learn game features plastic shapes that you manipulate on the board.  Great for discussing basic geometry. Be the last person left on the board!  Ages 7 and up


I had never heard of this Korean board game until my husband bought it for our family.  It has been a hit with my family!  Have monkey fling coconuts that look like poo, what could be better!  Fun way to learn about trajectories in physics!  Ages 6 and up

Dominion – Long - time family friends introduced us to this interesting and strategic deck building game. Additional expansion packs are worth it for variety.  Suggested for ages 14 and up, but I think it’s appropriate for ages 8 and up.

Loopin’ Louie - This is another game my husband chose for our family, and it has been a family favorite.  It was a sure- fire win with kids at the library, too!  Keep the crazy pilot from knocking over your chicken to win.  Simple yet addictive!  Ages 4 and up


Pit – With everyone talking about the stock market rising and falling, it’s a good time to introduce the family to Pit.  The fast- paced card trading game is simple to learn and play.  Ages 6 and up

Telestations - For years this was my daughter’s favorite board game.   This updated version of the telephone game can lead to some pretty hilarious drawings, especially from a non-artist like me. Channel your inner artist! Ages 8 and up

Ticket to Ride – Get your kids to learn about U.S. Geography in this exciting game, but hopefully you won’t need to take a detour.  The Expansion games are well worth the expense.  Ages

Whoonu - How well do you really know your family?  You’ll find out in this game of ranking your preferences.  Fun, and quick game. Ages 7 and up


Wits and Wagers – A trivia game for the whole family where everyone from the youngest to oldest has a fighting chance.  Ages 6 and up.

I’m Really, Really Bored!  Board Games for Preschoolers

Chutes and Ladders – This classic board game was a staple of my childhood.  My children had a Dora the Explorer version.  Good for teaching morals, counting, patience and why not to eat cookies from the cookie jar.  Ages 3 and up

Hullabaloo – Kids will love to dance like a funky chicken, fly like an airplane or tiptoe to vibrant colored pads while listening to the instructions.  Fun for kids and adults!  Make sure you stock up on batteries for this one!  Ages 4 and up

Spot It!  - Who can spot the matching object first?  There are several versions available, including alphabet, original and sports.  Ages 4 and up

Tiny Polka Dot – I’m a sucker for award winning games, especially games that promote math. Ages 3 and up

Uno Moo – Little hands will love the colorful farm animals that help preschoolers to recognize colors and animals.  They’ll be ready for regular Uno in no time thanks to this game!  Ages 3 and up