Can You Dig It? Spring is here!

  • Posted on: 11 May 2020
  • By: Carolyn Reagle

Spring is here and we are past the last frost date in our gardening zone. Check out the collection of digital gardening resources below to get you started in your southern garden. Growing your own veggies or enjoying flowers is good for the soul!  For specific gardening questions, the Northern Alabama Master Gardeners are answering email questions

The New Gardener’s Handbook by Daryl Beyers

On Hoopla: “The New Gardener's Handbook is a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of gardening, based on the introductory gardening class that Beyers teaches at NYBG. Readers will learn about soil, plant selection, propagation, planting and mulching, watering and feeding, pruning, and weeds, pests, and diseases.”

Black & Decker:  The Complete Guide to Lower South Gardening by Lynne M. Steiner

On Hoopla: “A practical how-to approach to gardening that shows the novice to intermediate home gardener exactly how to get started.”


Deep South by Nelly Neal

On Hoopla:  “What to Do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year - Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi.”

Growing Perfect Vegetables by Mel Bartholomew Foundation

On Hoopla: “A visual guide to raising and harvesting prime garden produce, part of the Square Foot Gardening Series.”

101 Ways to Get Kids Outside, Dirty, and Having Fun by Whitney Cohen

On the Digital Media Zone: “This step-by-step guide to working side-by-side with kids will inspire all parents to grow their own little gardener and to get dirty, plant seeds, and enjoy the garden's delicious rewards.”



The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening by Various Authors

On Hoopla:  This eBook contains all the basics: garden design; how to select healthy plants; how prepare the soil; garden maintenance, and so much more. In addition there is everything you need to know about growing annuals and perennials; roses; flowering bulbs; herbs; ground covers; trees and shrubs; vegetable gardens; and creating specialty gardens--all in a concise book.

Building Raised Beds by Fern Marshall Bradley

On Hoopla: “For beginning gardeners and homeowners, this handbook shows you exactly how to plan, build, and plant a simple raised bed. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy and ensure success! In just a weekend, using a few basic materials and minimal building skills, you can set up a complete garden bed adapted for vegetables, flowers, or herbs.”