10 Movies available on Hoopla Part 8: The Wrath of Khan

  • Posted on: 28 July 2020
  • By: Robert Freese

10 Movies available on Hoopla Part 8:

The Wrath of Khan


After a short hiatus I am back and I have found a plethora of titles worth checking out. To make up for a little lost time, I will begin putting together Drive-In Double Features, selecting the best pairing of films on one bill to help make you summer evenings more enjoyable.


Knock Knock- 2015- Thriller has Keanu Reeves helping two lovely young ladies stranded on a dark and stormy night, only to make a couple bad decisions that turn his entire world into a living nightmare. Reeve’s epic “free pizza” speech is Nicolas Cage worthy. Not for the kiddies.


Knock Knock


The Running Man- 1987- Selected from Hoopla’s “Back to the ’80’s” selection, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger against Richard Dawson in the most bizarre futuristic game show ever. Arnold has to survive a night of being hunted on live television while trying to shut down Dawson and the entertainment corporation feeding lies to the masses. One of Arnold’s best.


 The Running Man


Mazes and Monsters – 1982- The first film to perpetrate the idea that role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons could turn people’s minds into a bowl of mush. Made for TV, it is one of Tom Hanks’s earliest appearances. Honestly, it's a fun relic that celebrates a more innocent time.


Mazes and Monsters


Girls Just Want To Have Fun- 1985- A new girl moves into town, meets a new friend and they plan to make a splash on Dance TV. It is a glorious avalanche of bright colors, big hair, fantastic fashions and slick 80’s dance moves and music. This is how many of your mothers and grandmothers spent the ‘80s, kids.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun


Return to Horror High- 1987- A film company returns to the site of a previous murder spree to recreate the events for a slasher film. All of a sudden a real killer makes the scene and starts going after the cast and crew. Not a sequel to anything…but worth watching for an early appearance by a baby-faced George Clooney and his big layered hair.


Return to Horror High


Deep Rising- 1998- This is a superior monster movie about a crew of pirates raiding a luxury liner only to have to battle a serpentine sea monster. Treat Williams does what he can to save the day. Sort of feels like Predator at sea.

Deep Rising


Dragon Age: Redemption- 2011- A fantasy about an assassin after a sage. The flick was written and stars Felicia Day, from Huntsville, Alabama.

Dragon Age: Redemption


Hector and the Search for Happiness- 2014 –Simon Pegg stars in this comic adventure about a psychiatrist searching for the secret of happiness.


Hector and the Search for Happiness


Mayhem- 2016- Chaos ensues when a virus puts an office building into lockdown and the contaminated top brass starts giving in to their every violent impulse. A disgruntled employee and angry patron work out their mutual frustrations on the infected. Mayhem happens!




Where The Buffalo Roam- 1980- The first attempt to portray Hunter S. Thompson on film. Bill Murray portrays the gonzo journalist at his most outrageously excessive. Peter Boyle is Lazlo.


Where The Buffalo Roam



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