Five Book Clubs to Check Out

  • Posted on: 17 September 2019
  • By: Melanie Thornton

The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library has a book club for every level and interest, across its 12 locations. We wanted to highlight some of our more unique/popular adult book clubs across the system.

Here are 5 book clubs that you should check out if you are looking for a group of like-minded individuals:


Fantasy Flight Book Club

Meets: Das Stahl Bierhaus; 7914 Memorial Parkway SW (Sponsored by the Eleanor Murphy Library)

When: First Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

Book Picks: Science fiction and fantasy

For people who like: structure but in a fun setting, friendly conversation, good beer.


NEW: High Octane Book Club

Meets: Madison Public Library

When: First Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Book Picks: Suspense Thrillers

For people who like: structure, pre-selected books, co-ed discussions, late-night reading.





Sister 2 Sister Brother 2 Brother Book Club

Meets: Showers Center Library

When: 3rd Saturdays at 3:00pm

Book Picks: African-American authors

For people who like: facilitator, diverse books, co-ed discussions, light refreshments.


Midday Mystery Book Club

Meets: Tillman D. Hill Public Library of Hazel Green

When: First Wednesday of each month @ noon

Book Picks: Mystery

For people who like: midday meetings, mysteries, less-structure, and lively discussion.


NEW: Hot Nights, Cold Brews

Meets: Innerspace Brewing; 2414 Clinton Ave W, Huntsville, AL 35805

When: Fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Book Picks: Romance

For people who like: less structure, friendly conversation, good beer and romance novels.


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