Art in Flamingo fosters creativity, art appreciation

  • Posted on: 27 February 2020
  • By: Melanie Thornton

It is Monday morning at the Triana Public Library. It is quiet inside of the building, but soon, as children of all ages start to trickle in, the library’s small meeting area will transform into an art studio and sounds of excitement will be heard throughout. It is time for Art in Flamingo Park, the moniker for the library’s art appreciation class, funded by the Huntsville Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library Triana.

Art in Flamingo Park gives children an opportunity to create beautiful works of their own art, as they learn about different artists, movements and mediums. The program’s creator and teacher, Jane Robinson, is an art historian who lives in the community. The program began as a playgroup in the neighboring park and quickly evolved into one of the library system’s more unique offerings that attracts 15-20 preschool and homeschool children twice a week.

“This library and this program are such gems,” said one homeschooling parent as she helped fill plates with different paint colors. “We are so thankful for the opportunity to not only learn art history, but to participate in a meaningful way.”

On this particular Monday, the children are learning about Sir Lawerence Alma-Tadema, a 19th century Dutch artist who painted depictions of the Roman Empire. The children are painting the three lotus flowers from his painting, "Joseph, overseer of Pharaoh's grainaries." They are also incorporating checkered patterns from the painting.

“We strive to make this program inclusive, fun and educational for children,” said Robinson. She has a passion for art that spills over into her class.

After the lesson, the children are all smiles as they begin painting the lotus flower. Robinson encourages them to create their own version of the flower, with different colors and sizes.

“The parents have fun with us too,” Robinson said. “And they love the portfolio of art work we are giving them to look back on one day.”

And who knows....maybe the next Amy Sherald or Henri Matisse will have their start in Art in Flamingo Park.

Art in Flamingo Park is each Monday and Thursday at 10:30 a.m.