• Posted on: 10 September 2020
  • By: Robert Freese



I found a great series of ebooks on cult movies offered by Hoopla and I wanted to slow down to tell you about it. Researching for the podcast I co-host with Michelle (Two Librarians Walk into a Shelf), I was searching for information on one of my favorite John Carpenter flicks, They Live. Hoopla offered an ebook I never heard about by D. Harlan Wilson, a critical look at the film from Columbia University Press. Honestly, the titles offered from this series are outstanding. I had to share for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the meaning of such films as Danger: Diabolik and The Evil Dead. (I did read Wilson’s They Live, which was great and the first ebook I have read. I’m knee deep in Leon Hunt’s Danger: Diabolik at the moment.) The series can be found on Hoopla here:


Here are some of the Cultographies available from Hoopla for all scholars of fine cinema:


  A look at Dario Argento’s classic giallo.


  The cult classic sci-fi flick that everyone loves but no one ever seems to talk about.


  Russ Meyer’s grindhouse clas-sick!


  Sam Peckinpah´s controversial box office bomb turned cult hit.


   John Carpenter’s biting satire of the Reagan era America run by wealthy aliens.


  In my opinion, Mario Bava delivered the greatest movie based on a comic book ever with this film!


  One of those rare adaptations where I love the movie more than the book. From director Ridley Scott.


 Sam Raimi’s masterpiece about dumb kids taken over by demons in a cabin in the Tennessee backwoods.


  So controversial during its initial release in 1963 the film was immediately banned, and all prints seized, creating a sensation in the New York film underground.


  The film based on The Who’s concept album.