Escape with a Good Book!

  • Posted on: 6 July 2020
  • By: Adrienne Bone

Not sure if I am just speaking for myself here, but a nice getaway would be wonderful right now. But, since that will not be happening anytime soon, I'll just have to imagine being away. I mean, like on the level of "Calgon, take me away..." Do y'all remember that slogan? Yes, I took it wayyyy back!

So, I figure a book can provide me with the escape I need for now. Even when I am finally able to go somewhere, then I could STILL bring a couple of these books with me.

Here are 10 books to try out:  

















I'm pretty stoked to read all of these; however, there are a few that I definitely want to read first. Midnight and the Blackbird Cafe takes place in Alabama so automatically I want to read it. Oh, and Jenny Colgan's books are pretty easy going so I'm looking forward to The Bookshop on the Shore.

Beach Read sounds like it would be just what the name implies! However, instead of me reading at the beach, I'll more likely be at home, curled up with the book in my bed after a long day of work...running errands...being in traffic with crazy bad drivers (has driving gotten worse since the pandemic? seems that way)... 

I love play on word titles like Happy & You Know It. I'm all in on that one. The cover gets me alone with The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires! Can you imagine being 18 and at the stroke of midnight of your 19th birthday you actually "turn" 51?! And then you learn each passing year you will leap to another random age? That is what Oona Out of Order is about. Wild huh. Hope you enjoy!