10 Movies Available on Hoopla: Nicolas Cage-O-Rama-A-Thon

  • Posted on: 17 May 2020
  • By: Robert Freese

10 Movies Available on Hoopla:

Nicolas Cage-O-Rama-A-Thon


As I have been going through Hoopla’s movie library, the one constant I keep seeing is Nicolas Cage’s face on movie after movie, either in close-up or with an explosion behind him, sometimes both. It made me wonder, “Is there an all Nicolas Cage 10 movie list available on Hoopla?” Yes, my friends. Yes, there is.




Mandy- 2018- When his significant other is kidnapped by a cult of maniacs, Cage snorts some super-crank, grabs a chain saw with a blade six-feet long and goes gonzo like only Cage can.






A Score to Settle- 2019- Released from jail with a terminal illness, Cage seeks out his son to make amends as well as dole out justice to those who put him in the slams.




Seeking Justice- 2012- After his wife is attacked, Cage agrees to a “vigilante swap” where a stranger avenges his wife and in return Cage serves up vigilante justice for a stranger. The Nicolas Cage version of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train.




Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans- 2009- Cage is a drug addicted, gambling bad cop who is put on the case of five murdered immigrants.




Next- 2007- Cage stars as a man who can see the future and affect change in this science-fiction thriller. One assumes an entire city catches fire from the artwork. Not on Nic Cage’s watch!