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TLWIAS Episode 22 Show Notes

  • Posted on: 5 January 2021
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

Rob and Michelle interview their coworker, Marquez McClinton. Marquez is an author, a motivational speaker, performer, and poet. He also works full time at the Madison Public Library. Marquez wrote his book “Becoming: The process of becoming you” to help people on their own journey to becoming their best selves. He shares a little of his message in this interview, as well as shares what he’s currently reading and listening to to help him realize his own goals. His advice for us in the New Year is to love yourself. When you love yourself, he says, you treat people differently, and you don’t react the same way to adversity. He gives some good ideas for how to love yourself in different ways to kick start your new year. Marquez also discusses his goals, and some projects that he’s working on for us to look out for in 2021.

TLWIAS Show notes Episode 20 - Digital Collections and Reflections on 2020

  • Posted on: 18 December 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

This week, Rob and Michelle pick some materials from the library’s digital collections to share. Both of your hosts found old favorites to revisit on Hoopla, and then they close the episode with a discussion about grief and allowing yourself the stages of grief right now, even though it can be difficult to put a finger on what you’re grieving. 2020 was quite the ride, and your hosts would like to encourage you to take the time to acknowledge your feelings in whatever stage of grief you might be in and allow yourself the space to work through it.

Materials mentioned in this episode:

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

TLWIAS Show notes Episode 19 - Holiday Book Exchange and Movies

  • Posted on: 11 December 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

Rob and Michelle discuss their Holiday book exchange picks for each other in this episode, as well as some criteria to judge whether a Holiday movie really is a Holiday movie. Your hosts discuss what makes a Holiday romance enjoyable, and their favorite movies of the season. Listen to see if your favorite holiday movie meets the criteria to be counted as an actual holiday movie!

Materials mentioned in this episode are:

A Very Merry Christmas by Lori Foster  

TLWIAS Episode 18 Show Notes

  • Posted on: 4 December 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

Rob and Michelle and their coworkers had to isolate because of a COVID-19 case at work. Before they shut the library down for a bit, they grabbed some new release books and some movies to keep them entertained while isolating.


Less Dead by Denise Mina


Evil Geniuses: The unmaking of America by Kurt Andersen


The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood monsters and the lost legacy of Milicent Patrick by Mallory O'Meara


TLWIAS Episode 16 - Book Club

  • Posted on: 20 November 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

Rob and Michelle read A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean for their first book club meeting.

In this Regency era romance, MacLean has created two characters that you can really root for and care about. It's funny, it’s heart warming, it’s swoony. It has revenge, twists, intrigue, a satisfying resolution to some past wrongdoings. And of course, kissing. Listen to a discussion about the book, what makes a romance a romance, and why the romance industry is a billion dollar sector of publishing.

TLWIAS Episode 15 - Gearing up for the Holiday Season

  • Posted on: 13 November 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

Listen to Rob and Michelle discuss the things that help them get ready for Thanksgiving and then move into the rest of the Holiday season!

We included a list of pun-ny Holiday book titles in the episode for your enjoyment, and discuss materials you can find throughout the system that we recommend to bring some joy to your season.

This is a list of a wide variety of materials from movies, to cook books, to TV shows, to Westerns!

You can listen to the episode here!

Materials Mentioned in this episode

Two Librarians Walk Into A Shelf Episode 14 Show Notes

  • Posted on: 6 November 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

<p><span style="font-size:11pt"><span><span>November has a lot going on! There’s No Shave November, and there’s NaNoWriMo, which Rob I know is participating in. There’s Thanksgiving. And there’s also the very first meeting of the Two Librarians Walk Into A Shelf Book Club! Our first book is a Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean, and you can find it on Hoopla for free, no waiting, unlimited checkouts in both ebook and audiobook formats! It’s a Regency-era romance novel, full of scoundrels and scandals and also a very swoony love story. </span></span></span></p>

Two Librarians Walk Into A Shelf - Episode 13

  • Posted on: 30 October 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

Trick or Treat?!

Maybe both.

If you don’t know who Paul Lynde was, he was an actor and entertainer, most famous for his role in Bewitched as Uncle Arthur and for his time on Hollywood Squares. He is unfortunately no longer with us, but his brand of slightly off-color humor and his mischievous grin are hard to forget. You can find his beloved 1976 Hallowen Special on Amazon prime, complete with special guests Kiss (in their first TV appearance ever), Florence Henderson, Margaret Hamilton reprising her role as the Wicked Witch of the West, Betty White, and Donnie and Marie Osmond.

Show notes episode 12 - Why people like to be scared by their media

  • Posted on: 23 October 2020
  • By: Michelle Brightwell

In this episode, Rob talks about his writing for genre film magazines over the last decade, his personal history with the horror genre, and the history of the genre itself. Michelle discusses how the brain works while watching a horror movie and why people enjoy the genre as a whole.

You can find some of Rob’s writing this month in the Halloween special edition of Rue Morgue magazine (The cover story, actually), and other places around the web.